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Our campaign management services complement your fundraising team or leadership with best practices, campaign strategy, and training. We assist you with a strong Case for Support, campaign literature, gift acceptance policies, prospect research, and much more to make sure your campaign is a success. 

Campaigns are changing and we offer innovative thinking and tools mixed with standard campaign fundamentals to help avoid pitfalls while maximizing your philanthropic fundraising potential. The goal of every campaign we work on is to ensure our clients achieve success and create a lasting model of fundraising. 


Every nonprofit or school has thousands of data points that need to be properly analyzed and presented to inform key fundraising decisions and methods. 


Our team works with you to comb through existing data while also conducting our own research to unearth new prospects including individuals, corporations, and foundations in desired cities, states, or countries while also properly assessing your existing contacts. 

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Development staff transitions can be grueling for nonprofits and schools who need personnel to launch or lead their fundraising programs for a few months or even years. Multiple individuals can be requested and will remain on-site to assist you with annual fundraising needs ranging from appeals to special events.  


We work diligently to place you with a consultant who will be a good fit for your fundraising program and has the tools and training needed to be successful. 


Our team works with you to analyze your existing fundraising program. We look at your staff, data, processes, and methodology to make informed recommendations for improvement.


We spend weeks to a few months collecting data points and conducting interviews to make sure we are able to produce the most productive insights and recommendations to inform your fundraising initiatives moving forward. 

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We offer this service to be used prior to the launch of the quiet phase for any type of major campaign. We conduct interviews of your top prospects for the upcoming campaign to gather feedback and to test your fundraising goals with your prospective donor community. 

We compile this data and present anonymous answers to better inform school leaders and trustees on how they should prepare with a campaign. 


No matter what stage you are at with your fundraising initiatives, in the 21st Century data is critical for small and large scale fundraising programs and campaigns to be effective. We offer this service to conduct a full audit of your database whether in Raisers Edge, Network for Good, your own database, or simply data stored in Excel. 

In addition, our team can work with you to create your very own database to boost your solicitation strategies online and offline as well as ensure you are up to date with all stewardship needs. 

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In 2017, over $70 million was donated in Bitcoin to Fidelity Charitable alone. ​Cryptocurrency allows for donors around the world to support your efforts with minimal to no transaction costs for any amount given online. 

We have experience assisting nonprofits and schools in accepting hundreds of thousands in cryptocurrency and we have personally assisted with the identification, solicitation, and processing of many major gifts in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and other altcoins.


We offer grant writing services ranging from assisting with individual proposals to continual grant writing support. In addition, our team works hard to find new appropriate grant funding opportunities for your organization. Our research helps you formulate your ask to make sure you have your best chance for success. 

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Deciding which charity to support can be a challenging task. There are currently 1.4 million charities in the U.S., that's 1 for every 300 people! Having an advisor that can guide your decision-making will pay off in terms of impact and peace of mind.


We can help determine which causes/nonprofits match up to your investment portfolio, develop structured grant processes, and vet charities to determine if they are financially and ethically responsible. We will manage all of the cumbersome aspects of your foundation so that you can focus on the great impact you are making.

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