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Kevin Leithold, MBA

Kevin is an accomplished fundraising consultant and entrepreneur with a diverse background that uniquely positions him for success in the field. With a strong foundation in athletics and a passion for supporting athletes, Kevin's journey began as a former professional swimmer and youth Olympian, proudly representing the German national team. This firsthand experience instilled in him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by athletes and the critical role that adequate funding plays in their success.
Building upon his athletic background, Kevin's entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture into the world of consulting, specializing in the startup sectors within the enterprise software space. In a pivotal role, Kevin spearheaded the successful entry of a startup into the German market, deftly navigating the complexities of the local business landscape and securing partnerships with esteemed clients including BOSCH, BMW, Merck, and Schneider Electric. His efforts resulted in remarkable growth and are a testament to his ability to drive impactful outcomes.
As a seasoned entrepreneur, Kevin brings a unique perspective to fundraising. He understands the intricacies of launching and scaling a business, having personally experienced the challenges and triumphs of building a company in a competitive market. This entrepreneurial mindset enables him to approach fundraising campaigns with creativity, innovation, and a strategic vision for long-term success.
Complementing his practical experience, Kevin holds an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, equipping him with an extensive toolkit for strategic alliances, operational excellence, and effective fundraising optimization. He leverages his education, entrepreneurial acumen, and consulting expertise to deliver tailored solutions that drive impactful fundraising campaigns.
Kevin's exceptional combination of athletic prowess, entrepreneurial mindset, and consulting experience empowers him to provide comprehensive and innovative fundraising strategies. With a deep understanding of athletes' needs and a track record of successfully helping startups penetrate new markets, Kevin is well-positioned to guide and optimize fundraising efforts to propel athletes and organizations toward their goals.
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